Neuherbs Amla Juice 1L

Pure Amla Juice– ​Enriched with 99.9% pure, natural, fresh, and wild organic Amla  Juice with no added water.
High Potency– ​Natural source of high potency Vitamin C for antioxidants support &  complete immune care.
Healthy Hair & Skin– ​Promotes collagen production, helps maintain healthy skin &  hair to give the essence of youthfulness.
Herbal Elixir– ​High in fiber, boosts metabolism, aids in digestion and is easy to add  in your diet.
Quality Matters– ​Naturally gluten-free, sugar-free, with no added artificial flavour &  colour and, safe for use.
Boosted Results– ​Connect with Neuherbs experts for guidance to achieve your  fitness goals.