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Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

7 Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter We All Should Know

Peanut butter is one condiment that children and adults like alike. The creamy and savory taste with its crunchy texture makes it a fan-favorite. However, people all wonder whether there are any nutritional benefits of peanut butter? Let's put your mind to ease. Yes, there are benefits of natural peanut butter.

Peanut butter and its main source-peanuts are rich in many nutrients that can keep your heart healthy, improve blood sugar levels, reduce hypertension, and so on. It is also rich in protein, so the benefits of peanut butter for weight loss are there too. Or it can help you gain weight if that is your target, for that you have to use it differently in your diet. Let's learn more about the benefits of natural peanut butter so that you can use this creamy condiment in your diet without guilt.

Benefit 1: It promotes weight loss

The benefits of peanut butter for weight loss are not just a random fact or a myth. Science proves this, and you should read this point carefully to understand the reason behind this. Hear this out:

Two tablespoons of peanut butter have 8 grams of proteins. It is also rich in healthy fats and fiber. This combination makes it a fulfilling condiment that you can add to your toast, oatmeal, or any other dish. If you are on a strict diet, the dietitian may or may not allow you to eat peanut butter. However, if you include it moderately in your diet, it can make you feel full and ensure that you do not have cravings, leading to an increase in calorie intake.

To use all-natural peanut butter, try the classic peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Or switch to savory main courses with peanut butter. For snacks, dip banana or apple slices in peanut butter. It will give you instant energy.

Benefit 2: It is full of nutrients

If we were to look at peanut butter with a microscope, we would find tons of nutrients in it, which can help your overall health. The nutritional benefits of peanut butter are:

  • Protein: Almost 8 grams of protein per 2 tbsp. Protein in every meal is necessary for losing fat and building muscles.
  • Zinc: One serving of peanut butter has 0.75mg of zinc. It is an essential nutrient for DNA formation and immunity.
  • Vitamin B-6: It provides 0.17 grams of this nutrient which has many benefits for your body.
  • Other than these, peanut butter also has fiber, healthy fats, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Benefit 3: It has the good fats

People on a diet or trying to lose weight always avoid fats. However, fat is essential for your body to function well. The trick is to consume good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Fortunately, the benefits of natural peanut butter include giving your body a healthy dose of these good fats.

These fats ensure that your bad cholesterol levels are down. It, in turn, reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes and certain heart diseases. Just remember to buy natural peanut butter that has these fats in the recommended amount without increasing the calories. One more reason why you should pick foods with good fats is that they can help lower belly fat.

Benefit 4: It can help you in body-building

If you are a bodybuilder, you will get multiple benefits of peanut butter in your diet. Since, it is rich in unsaturated fats, protein, and calories, it is the perfect condiment to add to your diet. As a bodybuilder, you typically aim to eat around 3000 calories (men) or 2400 calories (women). This number will vary according to your age and how active you are.

Yet, if we consider this number, then adding peanut butter to your diet benefits you. With it all its nutrients and calories content, it will help you build muscles and remain fit.

Benefit 5: It may reduce your risk of breast disease

Breast cancer is amongst the top cancer that women get. A reason why women get breast cancer is that they have benign breast disease. This disease can lead to breast cancer, and few researchers say that peanut butter and other nuts can reduce the chances of this disease.

When you consume nuts and peanut butter from an early age, it may reduce your chances of getting BBD. Thus, reducing the chances of getting breast cancer. Studies show that even in a family with a running history of breast cancer, this benefit of natural peanut butter is seen.

Benefit 6: It is a good option for diabetic people

Peanut butter has magnesium, protein, fiber, and healthy fats. The combination of all these nutrients works in favor of people who have diabetes. They can consume 2 tbsp of peanut butter five or four days a week, ensuring it is unsweetened. It is low in carbs, which means it does not increase their blood sugar levels.

Also, magnesium in it can keep blood sugar in check. So, both men and women with diabetes can have it. It can even help reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Just eat it in moderation and buy all-natural peanut butter with no added sugar.

Benefit 7: It is a rich source of potassium

Think potassium? Think banana? Right? However, nuts and peanut butter are rich sources of potassium, and it is something you should add to your diet. Potassium is an imperative nutrient that can remove excess lactic acid from your diet. Furthermore, there are many benefits of adding potassium to your diet. Lastly, it is delicious in taste and as long as you do not binge, keep eating this.

The benefits of peanut butter are multiple. However, one should also remember that they are rich in fat and high in calories. Thus, using a limited amount is the key to absorbing all benefits of natural peanut butter. Also, remember to buy natural peanut butter with no artificial sugar. While you go through these benefits, we will make ourselves a peanut butter sandwich.

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