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Vitamin B-12 Rich Foods

Trying to Increase Vitamin B-12 Intake? Add These 12 Foods to Your Diet

Nutrients make our body healthy, and one such essential nutrient is vitamin B-12. It is one of the most crucial vitamins that is a must for the proper functioning & development of the nervous system. When you do not eat enough food containing vitamin B-12, your body becomes deficient. It is because our body does not actively make vitamin B-12. Thus, a diet rich in food containing vitamin B-12 is necessary. If you have a vitamin B-12 deficiency, it can lead to:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Numbness or tingling 
  • Anaemia
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Alternation in DNA amongst more.

The reason may this deficiency can be many:

  • You are anemic
  • You have a stomach disorder that makes it harder for you to absorb nutrient
  • You do not consume Vitamin B-12 rich foods like meat or dairy
  • You are pregnant
  • You are taking certain medications that hinder better absorption of Vitamin B-12.

Thus, you must start eating foods containing vitamin B-12. The main sources of Vitamin B-12 are animal products like fish and meat. However, high vitamin B-12 foods for vegetarians are available too. Also, there are vitamin B-12 or multivitamin tablets that you can take to increase your daily intake.

Top vitamin B-12 rich foods (Non-veg)

1. Clams

Low in fat, high in protein & vitamin B-12, clams are the perfect food containing vitamin B-12 to increase its daily value in your diet. There are many ways to eat clams. Try consuming them raw or by steaming them. Adding spices and lemon juice to this nutritious food makes it even more delicious.

2. Beef liver

Not everyone will be able to eat liver, but if you can, it is an ideal source of vitamin B-12. It is also high in other nutrients like iron, vitamin A, and protein. Also, it is high in cholesterol, so limit your intake and add another top vitamin B-12 rich food to your diet.

3. Salmon

Salmon is a nutrient-dense fist that many people love to eat. Not only is it a food containing vitamin B-12, but it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon and Deep sea fish oil derived from salmon and other omega-3 rich fish are imperative for your body. Like vitamin B-12, Omega-3 is something we need to consume from our diet, as it helps reduce inflammation and keep our hearts healthy.

4. Trout 

One of the top vitamin B-12 rich foods is trout. It is super rich in this vitamin and other nutrients. People enjoy it either broiled or baked. Add fresh veggies to this fish to make a whole dish.

5. Ham

Ham is another great animal product that can increase your vitamin B-12 intake. It is high in sodium, so people on a low-sodium diet may need to watch out for uncured ham brands.

6. Eggs

Eggs are not super-rich in vitamin B-12 like fish or meat. However, they do provide a decent amount of this nutrient. Also, it is rich in protein. Also, by adding low-fat milk to your eggs and making scrambled eggs or omelette, you do increase its nutritional value.

High vitamin B-12 foods for vegetarian

7. Milk

Milk is one of the best vitamin B-12 food for vegetarians. It contains enough vitamin B-12 to provide you with 50% of your daily value. Go for low-fat milk, as it doesn’t have too many calories. Make milk a part of your breakfast for better results. If you are vegan, you can opt for fortified vegan milk, as the fortification process adds vitamin B-12 in non-dairy milk.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is a gut-friendly food containing vitamin B-12. Research shows that even lactose-intolerant people can eat a bit of yogurt. Vegans can eat non-dairy Greek yogurt.

Include yogurt in your lunch or breakfast. Also, one can eat yogurt in breakfast by adding fruits and nuts for a perfect breakfast bowl.

9. Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Since it is a perfect source of food containing vitamin B-12, another reason to eat cheese. Though, do not eat cheese in large quantities, as it is high in cholesterol and fat. After talking to your dietitian, you can try eating Swiss cheese or mozzarella, or feta cheese. These are high vitamin B-12 foods for vegetarians.

10. Nutritional yeast

Do not underestimate nutritional yeast, as it is rich in vitamin B-12. For a vegetarian, it can be a perfect source of this vitamin. Also, it provides other benefits like adding a distinct nutty flavour to your dishes, making the dishes delicious.

11. Edible seaweed

In Japan, edible seaweed is a common ingredient in many dishes due to its nutritional value. It is low in calories but high in nutrients. Now, available in India, it is one of the best high vitamin B-12 foods for vegetarians. It is versatile,

too, as you can powder it to use in your soups or salad. Even making a sauce using these sheets is an ideal option.

12. Fortified cereals and juices

The next time you buy cereals or juices, look at the packaging. Ensure they are fortified because they are high in vitamin B-12. As cereal is something that people consume almost every day, it can be an easy source of vitamin B-12 for vegetarians.

Even fortified juices with low sugar are a good source of vitamin B-12 that you can include in your diet.

Vitamin B-12, a product of bacteria, is critical for better physical and mental health. Thus, increase your daily intake of foods containing vitamin B-12. Talk to your doctor if your vitamin b-12 intake is low. They will suggest a good multivitamin tablet or injections, which can help restore balance to your body. In the meantime, go and enjoy that whole milk coffee minus the sugar. 

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