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Are Your Kids Hungry? 11 Snacks Ideas Which Are Healthy and Delicious

Are Your Kids Hungry? 11 Snacks Ideas Which Are Healthy and Delicious


Have you noticed that when kids stay at home, they are hungry every 10 minutes? Sometimes they genuinely crave food, and other times, they are bored and confuse it with hunger. In any case, kids should eat something every few hours to help their developing body and brain. The only problem that most parents face with their kids is that often their kids eat snacks that are unhealthy or not nutritious enough.

Sometimes it is okay to let them have a treat. However, as a parent, we will like it if our kids have healthy snacks in the evening. Isn’t it? How do you go about it? By encouraging them slowly to eat or try a portion of new food. Mixing and matching their favorite food with a healthy item, like baking muffins and sprinkling protein mix seeds on it. If you are looking for such quirky ideas, we have a list of healthy snacks for evening or mid-morning snacks, which your kids will love.

1. Smoothies with a dash of antioxidant mix

Kids can be prickly when it comes to fruits. However, try making them smoothies, and they will love it and ask you for more. Also, smoothies are better and healthier than milkshakes, which every kid loves. All you have to do is blend some fruits with yogurt or water and serve them. Also, sprinkle some antioxidant mix seeds on top of the smoothie to make it more nourishing and fulfilling.

2. Yogurt with a hint of honey and superfood mix

Yogurt has many qualities. It is a healthy treat with tons of protein, calcium, and live bacteria, helping boost the digestive system. It makes for a perfect healthy snack for evenings or mid-morning. Just remember to buy plain yogurt, as kids-yogurt available in the market are full of added sugar. Instead of buying that, get plain yogurt and add fruits or drizzle honey to make it sweet and nourishing. Also, you can add more nutrients to it by adding a spoonful of superfood mix seeds. It contains multiple seeds, berries, and nuts which makes the snack fulfilling.

3. Popcorn with a bit of salt

Which kid doesn’t love popcorn? And fortunately, it is a whole grain full of nutrition and goodness. Yes, the ones we get at the theatre aren’t healthy as they are full of toppings that take away the nutritional value. However, if you make popcorn at home and only add a bit of salt to it, popcorn is an incredible snack for kids.

4. Snack tray of veggies and dip

Want your kids to have veggies as a healthy snack for the evening? Then try veggies and dip. Cut up some carrot, celery, cucumber, and bell peppers. Set up a tray and place these vegetables on them and serve it a dip of your choice. Also, when you go to the market, take help from the kids to buy the veggies or help them grow them at home. This way, they will be more interested in eating veggies.

5. Home-made Popsicles

Kids love their Popsicles, and you can make them home to ensure they are nutritious and healthy. How? There are many ways to make them, which makes for a perfect healthy snack for the evening or as a dessert. Try this:

Get some Popsicle maker and fill it with 100% real juice of a fruit. Add a stick and freeze it. Get some plain yogurt, make it thin and add fresh fruits slices. Fill the Popsicle maker with this blend. Freeze it and enjoy a healthy treat.

6. Protein mix

If your kids like nuts, protein mix is a great snack for them. It has nuts, whole grain, and other things full of protein. It is fun to eat, and your kids get a good amount of protein, which is good for their developing bodies.

7. Cottage cheese with whole toast

Cottage cheese is a soft cheese that you can eat in multiple ways. It is full of protein and vitamin B-12. Your kids can eat them by shallow frying them with some salt or pepper. Or you can make a whole wheat toast using cottage cheese.

8. Frozen banana chocolate bites

Kids love to eat dessert, and you should not deprive them of the same. Be smart and make a healthy dessert like frozen banana chocolate bites. All you need is some bananas. Now, cut them into slices and freeze them overnight.

In a bowl, mix some natural peanut butter with cacao powder and vanilla essence. Microwave it to make a paste. Now, dip half part of the frozen banana using a fork into this paste. Freeze it again overnight, and your delicious dessert is ready.

9. Boiled eggs

Eggs are a perfect breakfast, but they also make for a healthy snack for the evening. Just boil one egg and give it to your kid when they scream bloody murder because they are hungry. Cut them into slices and sprinkle some salt and pepper.

10. Oats and banana cookies

Banana is so versatile that you can use it to make tons of desserts that are healthy and perfect for kids. When you use bananas, you don’t even need sugar, which is not great for kids. All you need is some banana, rolled oats, coconut oil vanilla essence, and choco chips. Mix them well and spread them on a baking tray, and your healthy cookies are ready.

11. Baked chips with salt and pepper

Kids love chips, and as parents, we do not want our kids to eat something full of fat and salt. The alternative? Kale and sweet potato baked chips. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and this healthy snack for the evening will blow your kids away.

Every kid is different. However, all kids are picky-eater. Also, if you encourage a kid to eat something telling them it is healthy, like broccoli, they might not eat it ever. Thus, you have to get creative to ensure they have healthy snacks in the evening, or anytime they feel hungry. Furthermore, let your kids eat every few hours, they need the fuel for activities as their bodies are developing every second.

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