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Top 10 Benefits of Collagen Supplement

Top 10 Benefits of Collagen Supplement


If you have not heard of the extraordinary beauty protein “collagen” yet, you must be living some place under a rock. Because of social platforms, the natural beauty supplement is being encouraged more than ever before. And there are numerous reasons for this! Collagen is considered one of the most famous supplements on demand for beauty requirements. It sustains the regular growth of hair, nails, and healthy skin. This is why supplements with collagen as the main ingredient are often associated only with beauty. Albeit, it is more than just a skin, hair, and nail care supplement. It offers multiple other miracles that you should know about. Learn what skin collagen is, how can you understand your body is lacking collagen, and what are its benefits. 

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What is Collagen?

It is one of the most defined proteins in our body. There are up to 18 scientifically established types of collagens that participate in diverse metabolic processes and help the body's tissue from the inside. Collagen delivers structure, elasticity, and strength to bones, skin, muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. Numerous types of collagen are composed primarily of three amino acids: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. 

The amount of glycine content is most elevated, while the hydroxyproline content is the most demoted. Glycine and proline should be produced by the body itself. Their production can be prompted through food, but the essential amino acids do not emerge in their precise form in food. As we age, the body creates less collagen, which leads to perceptible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles. With time, our bodies are absolutely unable to substitute the collagen we lose, as swiftly as it is degraded. Beginning at age 20, we lose about 1 percent of our collagen every year. 

Symptoms of Collagen Deficiency 

We should differentiate between the natural decline in collagen production and the diagnosed deficiency. With age, collagen deficiency is noticed, especially in the texture of the skin and connective tissue. In women, the reduction of collagen can also lead to more fragile connective tissue on the legs and bottom. Albeit, when a deficiency is diagnosed by a doctor, it is primarily manifested in the reduction of metabolism. Prominent organic functions can no longer be executed correctly. Major consequences are fatigue, lack of concentration, and multiple memory problems. If the decline of collagen becomes severe, strong joint pain and a particular vulnerability of the ligaments and tendons can occur. 

Top 10 Benefits of Best Collagen Supplement For Men And Women

    1. Healthier Skin 

      There are various medical proofs that collagen benefits, may support fighting the appearance of wrinkles. According to popular research, 15% of those consuming a liquid skin collagen booster supplement with extra vitamins and minerals had rarer facial lines and wrinkles after 60 days.

      The study also demonstrated that 32% experienced advancements in photo-ageing caused due to sun exposure – and for 40%, skin dryness reduced too. Researchers also found statistically significant progress in skin elasticity, and a favourable influence in skin moisture and hydration levels, in those who took liquid collagen supplements.

      Another study found over 20% reduction in eye wrinkles after eight weeks of taking collagen powder for skin and showed significant advancements in skin hydration, and elasticity after twelve weeks of taking oral collagen. Many people opt for skin collagen supplements to support natural collagen production in the skin and promote the creation of other collagen-forming proteins.

        2. Lower Joint Pain

          Cartilage, the tissue that’s accountable for guarding our joints, is made up of collagen, and therefore begins to decline as we get older. This implies we can potentially be more at risk of getting joint disorders, such as osteoarthritis. Research has discovered that collagen supplements can stimulate tissues in the body to create more cartilage. A study found that the 70 athletes who took around 10g of collagen every day for 24 weeks experienced a reduced level of joint pain during running, compared to the athletes who did not opt for it.

            3. Enhanced Muscle Mass

              Collagen is supposed to assist in muscle mass and strength; however, these products should not be consumed as a substitute for a dietary protein that has been developed to balance blood sugar levels and fuel metabolic functions effectively. Up to 10% of muscle tissue within the human body consists of collagen, which assists in keeping muscles robust and working as they should. Collagen powder supplements can potentially contribute to muscle growth and promote the creation of muscle proteins, such as creatine.

                4. Supports Heart Health

                  It is considered that collagen powder for skin may have the capacity to reduce the risk of heart-related conditions. It contributes and supports the structure of our arteries that are accountable for pumping blood from our heart and around our body. Not having adequate collagen potentially signifies our arteries have become fragile over time.

                    5. Strong Bones 

                      Our bones are primarily made up of collagen, which provides them with their structure and supports in keeping them strong. The more aged we are, the less collagen our body consists of, and also the amount of bone mass is reduced. According to research, consuming collagen powder supplements may support in maintaining a healthy bone mass. Also, collagen is helpful in cases of joint pain and weakness, and it is acknowledged that collagen supplements can also play a vital role in managing the symptoms of arthritis. It has also been discovered to support healthy bone mineral density in older women. 

                        6. Better Digestion 

                          According to certain research, collagen supplements contain the amino acid, glycine, which can potentially encourage normal and healthy digestion. Collagen supplement is also a hydrophilic molecule. This implies that it assists water and acidic molecules to aid in the breakdown of food. When collagen supplement is ingested and combined with water and stomach acid while going through the digestive tract, carbohydrate and protein molecules move through the GI tract more effectively. This is one of the prominent reasons you can expect to see advancements in digestion with regular collagen consumption.

                            7. Strong Hair and Thick Nails 

                              The advantages of collagen for hair are less popular, but equally remarkable. Numerous scientists have now studied how collagen can potentially support nails to grow robust and less brittle, and hair to grow stronger. The potential for meaningful advantages of oral collagen on hair and nails is very high. In a study, an oral product that included collagen was given daily to 54 women aged 26 to 68. The outcomes showed statistically substantial advancement in nail cracking and nail brittleness by nearly 80%. Also, in the case of hair dullness, hair dryness, and nail softness after eight weeks. 

                              A more extended trial conducted over 60 weeks showed that after only nine months, 100% of participants saw an advancement in hair dryness, hair dullness, and nail peeling. The authors concluded that collagen is a building block of beauty, as it is necessary for healthy skin, hair and nails. It provides rapid, measurably influential, and long-lasting results.

                                8. Healthier Gut & Detoxification

                                  Heard about how collagen supplement helps your gut health? In the year 2017, a study was published that found collagen peptides to inhibit the breakdown of the lining in the intestines. Also, collagen supplements naturally promote anti-inflammatory responses in the gut. We are exposed to an immense amount of toxins daily. Unless we live in a bubble, there are tiny efforts we can make to avoid them completely. The liver is accountable for processing these toxins we are exposed to and extracting them from the body. Collagen supplement assists the liver in filtering and dismissing toxins from the body due to the naturally occurring amino acid glycine. Glycine protects the liver efficiently and aids in proper detoxification.

                                    9. Weight Loss

                                      Another study in which there’s little research to back it up is the thought that collagen can assist with weight loss because it can potentially speed up people’s metabolism. Further, a distinctive type of collagen from a Skate fish has been found to decrease body fat in humans.

                                        10. Decrease Recovery Time 

                                          Collagen supplement does support the connective tissue, which helps your active muscles, meaning that injury recovery time can be decreased. A daily dose of 10-15g of collagen each day enhanced joint pain, functionality and that muscle recovery had a subtle but significant advancement with this supplementation.

                                          Collagen supplement is found in the connective tissue of animals. So, foods such as chicken skin, pork skin, and fish are considered rich sources of collagen. Foods that contain gelatin, like bone broth, also consist of collagen. In food, the digestive enzymes break down the collagen into multiple amino acids and peptides.

                                          In collagen supplements, the amount of collagen is already broken down or hydrolysed. This is the reason; collagen supplements are a more superior form because it is absorbed more efficiently than the collagen in food. Opt for a skin collagen booster and receive tremendous benefits.

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