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Know How to Increase Iron Level Quickly

Struggling With Iron Deficiency? Know How to Increase Iron Level Quickly


Do you know which nutrient deficiency is most prevalent amongst people in developed countries? It's iron! Don’t be surprised! Research shows that iron deficiency is the cause behind many people experiencing chronic fatigue or shortness of breath. It is the most common between pregnant women and children.

And this is not ideal because iron is an essential nutrient. It performs many functions in our body, but the prominent one is that it's the key part of RBC, helping carry oxygen from your lungs to other body parts. Iron is also essential for making hormones.

Thus, being deficient in iron is not good, especially if you have some chronic disease like diabetes. It can lead to anaemia. Thankfully, there are iron-rich foods that you can include in your diet to get the most of this nutrient from natural food. There are iron-rich foods for hair growth, diabetes, and others. So, the next time you feel a craving for dirt or ice (classic symptoms of iron deficiency) avoid these urges and grab these incredible iron-rich foods for diabetics and others.

Know How to Increase Iron Level Quickly From Foods


The first iron-rich food for diabetics is shellfish. Seafood is rich in home-born, which your body can absorb with ease. Most shellfish are rich in iron. However, if you are actively looking for iron-rich seafood, go with oysters, mussels, and clams. One of the essential health benefits of shellfish is that they are an amazing source of lean protein.

This protein is simple to digest when compared to other foods. Getting enough protein is essential when it comes to muscle growth and repair. It also helps you to stay fuller for longer. Shellfish may also provide your body with nutrients that are good for your health, like omega-3 fatty acids. So, for people who love seafood, including this nutritious food in your diet can be exceptional.

Tip: Seafood can be high in mercury and toxins. So, be proactive about buying it from an authentic place. Also, do not consume it in excess when you are pregnant.

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Pumpkin seeds

Do you overestimate these small seeds? It is a big mistake on your part because pumpkin seeds are full of iron. When you eat one serving of raw pumpkin seeds, you get around 2.7 mg of iron. Thus, making these perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Pumpkin seeds may be tiny, but they’re packed full of great nutrients. Eating only a little amount of them can give you a substantial quantity of healthy fats, magnesium, and zinc. Because of this, pumpkin seeds have been associated with several health benefits. These include enhanced heart health, prostate health and protection against various cancers. Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants like carotenoids and vitamin E. It can reduce inflammation and protect cells from harmful free radicals. That’s why consuming foods rich in antioxidants can help protect against many diseases. 

Including pumpkin seeds in your daily meals is easy as well:

  • Eat them raw. It's crunchy and a perfect snack. Get a pack of mixed seeds with all high-nutrient seeds and enjoy them during snack time.
  • Add pumpkin seeds to your smoothie or oatmeal
  • Add it to your muffin or cupcake batter.


People often discard potatoes as a bad carb. However, it is so wrong. Potatoes are a great source of nutrients, like iron or good carbs. It can keep you full for longer, and honestly, they are delicious as hell. Potatoes are a good source of fiber, which can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer. Fiber can help prevent heart disease by keeping cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check.

Potatoes are also full of antioxidants that work to prevent diseases and vitamins that help your body function properly. The resistant starch in potatoes improves digestive health. When resistant starch reaches the large intestine, it becomes food for beneficial gut bacteria. These bacteria digest it and turn it into short-chain fatty acids. Resistant starch from potatoes is mostly converted into the short-chain fatty acid butyrate — the preferred food source for gut bacteria. However, the iron is in the skins, so if you are removing the skin of potatoes, you are not getting any iron. Try to include recipes with potatoes skin and also which are not fried for best results.


Popeye the Sailor Man gets massive strength from spinach, the same way you can also cherish numerous benefits of this leafy vegetable. The reason why spinach is considered a superfood is because of the loads of nutrients and low-calorie that it possesses. This spinach also benefits your skin, hair and bones. Some of the amazing health benefits of spinach are that this vegetable helps stabilize your blood glucose levels, helps in reducing your risk of developing cancer, and is good for bone health

Spinach is a good source of non-heme iron, meaning your body takes time to absorb spinach dishes. However, include it in your meals weekly once or twice because it is rich in vitamin C and carotenoids (antioxidants).

Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron better, while the antioxidants help fight inflammation and reduce risks of chronic disease.

There are so many ways to eat spinach, like:

  • Make a soup
  • Make palak paneer (spinach gravy with tofu or cottage cheese)
  • Include it in your salad.


Chickpeas are an incredible source of iron and lean protein. It is a legume, and most legumes are known for being rich in iron and protein. Also, chickpeas are fulfilling, so eating them in multiple meals can keep your weight in check too. Chickpea is also a good source of iron-rich food for diabetics.

Eat it in various ways:

Add boiled chickpeas to your salad 

  • Make a gravy dish
  • Make a chickpea patty with other veggies
  • Make hummus and add lemon to it for more nutrients.
  • Also, fry chickpea in olive oil and add pepper & salt to eat in snacks.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are a super iron-rich food with calcium, and fibre. It contains around 5.6 mg of iron, which is a great source for all vegans/vegetarians. However, when consuming flax seeds, never eat more than one tablespoon. Flax seeds are the perfect iron-rich food for hair growth due to them being a superfood.

To eat flax seeds, you can:

  • Grind it and have one tablespoon every day with water
  • Sprinkle on your smoothie or oatmeal
  • Eat it raw by mixing it with other seeds as snacks.


Edamame beans are whole, immature soybeans, sometimes referred to as vegetable-type soybeans. They are green and differ in color from regular soybeans, which are typically light brown, tan or beige. Edamame beans are often sold while still encased in their pods, which are not meant to be eaten. You can also buy shelled edamame, without the pods. A cup of edamame is a rich source of iron- 9 mg per cup. It is rich in copper, which keeps your immune system and blood vessels healthy. This plant-based green soybean protein is also rich in manganese and makes for a delicious side dish.

Include this in your diet:

  • By making a dip
  • By adding to pasta
  • By steaming them and adding spices for more taste and flavours.


It can lower the levels of cholesterol and protect against diabetes and colon cancer. Opting for fiber everyday pushes waste through your digestive system and prevents constipation. The potassium, folate, and iron in lentils also provide numerous benefits. Potassium counters the ill effects of salt and lowers blood pressure. Lentils are made up of over 25% protein, which makes them an outstanding meat alternative. 

They’re also an exceptional source of iron, a mineral that is sometimes lacking in vegetarian diets. Iron-rich lentils support hair growth, in diabetics, and for anyone looking to load up on plant-based protein. They also offer minerals and fibre, making them wholesome food to add to your meals. Find the best lentil that enriches you without giving you bloating, as some people tend to get bloating due to the consumption of lentils.

To eat it:

  • Make soup
  • Soak and boil them to make a patty for your veggie burger or add to salad.

Wrapping up these foods should be part of your natural diet irrespective of whether you have a deficiency in iron or not. They keep you healthy overall, and natural food is always the best way to get all your nutrients. Also, if you feel you lack iron, talk to a doctor before you take any severe measures.

With this, stay happy and healthy always!

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