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10 tips for winter skin care routine

Dry Skin Troubling You? Here Are the Top 10 Winter Skincare Tips to Try


Winters might be your favourite weather, but your skin doesn’t love the cold changes in the weather. The drop in the temperature, humidity inside, and cold air inside plays havoc on your skin, making it dry and flaky. That is why it is so critical to practice skincare tips dedicated to winters to have radiant, soft, healthy, and nourished skin.

Skin is one of the largest organs our body has and a barrier that protects us against so many things. Unfortunately, we do not give it the attention it deserves. That leads to early signs of ageing, which becomes more prominent in winters. Thus, follow the best skin care tips to prevent the harsh winter conditions from making your skin unhealthy.

Are you ready to say goodbye to flaky & dry winter skins? Let’s begin…

Here Are the Top 10 Winter Skincare Tips to Try

1. Try to keep the natural moisture of your skin

Our skin produces natural oils, which keep our skin nourished and moisturized. We must try and keep the natural moisture during the winter seasons. It protects our skin from getting flaky or dry. However, taking long baths or washing your face with hot water can lead to dry skin.

Therefore, limit your shower or bath time and ensure that you use only warm water to clean your face. That keeps the moisture in place.

2. Use skin collagen booster

Collagen is a protein that our body needs for better and healthy skin. It also strengthens our bones. However, as we age, our body starts losing the amount of collagen our body produces. That is why we need to drink or eat skin collagen booster supplements to nourish our bodies. There is a vegan skin collagen booster that boosts our body’s production of collagen. Drinking or eating this every day for a while can give you healthy skin. Also, it enhances your nails and hair.

3. Do not forget to apply sunscreen

Several people think that skipping sunscreen in winters is okay. It is one of the biggest mistakes that people can make. Even though, in winters, day/sunlight is for less time, applying sunscreen is still one of the aptest skincare tips to follow. Even in winters, the UV rays can stress our skin and make it lose the barrier of moisture. Thus, your skin loses hydration.

Make sure your sunscreen SPF is over 30. Sunscreen with less SPF doesn’t have the impact that you are looking for.

4. Have a humidifier

The air inside our rooms is dry, making our skin extremely flaky. Thus, investing in a humidifier and placing it in a room where you spend the most time can help your skin stay hydrated. Another skincare tip to maintain healthy winter skin is to keep the setting of the thermostat in a comfortable setting. Cranking it up to the highest setting will dry out your skin.

collagen booster for face

5. Keep drinking water

When it is cold outside, forgetting to drink water happens to the best of us. We do not feel the need to drink the water due to the cold outside. It is a massive mistake because when we are dehydrated, our skin starts losing moisture, which makes it dry & flaky. So no matter how cold it is, the best skincare tip to always follow is to drink lots of water. Keep sipping water throughout the day, do not gulp it to get the maximum benefit.

6. Use a healthy moisturizer

Even though our skin produces natural oil to keep it moisturizer, still, we need to put some moisturizer on it. Get one according to your skin tone and use it daily after coming out of the shower. It is essential to nourish your skin with the best moisturizer. Otherwise, it will start losing oil throughout the day, leading to flaky and itchy skin.

7. Choose a cleanser that has natural ingredients in it

The cleanser is essential for removing any dirt from our bodies. Yet, using any cleanser will not help your skin. It is because it has harsh chemicals ruining the skin’s defences. It will strip the skin of its natural oils and make your dry and cracked skin even worse. Instead of a chemical cleanser, use a cleanser that has natural ingredients and is cream-based.

8. Use overnight treatments

There are many skin care tips that you will read about on the internet. Not all of them work! However, there is one skincare tip that is scientifically proven to work. That is using overnight treatments. From simple home remedies or putting on lip balm at night, all works. Why? Because when you use overnight treatment and sleep, it helps revitalize your skin. One of the best overnight treatments is to use emollient.

9. Dial down the exfoliation process

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. However, there is a thing known as over-exfoliation. Keep this in mind when using a physical scrub when your skin is already peeling or cracked.

10. Do not wear irritant fabrics

If the skin is dry, cracking, or itchy, why irritate it further by wearing tight clothes or a fabric that irritates the skin. Wear something comfortable and loose to let your skin breathe.

The winter weather is harsh for your skin, without any doubt. Therefore, trying skincare tips that suit your skin type is essential to nourish and keep it healthy. Try different products till you find the right one. A wrong product or skincare tip may worsen your skin woes in winters even more. So, take your time to nourish the cracked and itchy skin well in winters.

collagen booster for face

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