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yoga asanas for hair growth

Dealing With Hair Woes? Try These 5 Yoga Asanas Now!


Yes, you heard it right! Yoga for hair growth is one of the best ways to give your hair a natural boost and shine. Our hair is one of the best accessories we have, and most of us, especially girls, prefer long, healthy, and lustrous hair. However, due to breakage and damage, long and shiny hair is only a dream for many of us.In the past, hair fall was a sign of getting old. It is because people used to start losing hair only when they were in their 40s.

However, today’s generation is losing hair fast, and the reasons are numerous. From stress to poor quality of life and food products, everything affects our hair. In such conditions, yoga for hair growth is a relief for all of us. Yoga provides a holistic healing aspect for us, and it not only promotes hair growth but helps it stay healthy too.

Along with yoga, you need to work on eating a balanced diet and taking Hair skin vitamins or hair biotin supplements. These natural supplements will ensure your hair remains lustrous for long. Here are the best yoga asanas that you need to perform daily for better hair health and growth.

Try These 5 Yoga Asanas for Hair Growth

1. Yoga for reducing hair fall - Adho Mukho Savasana

Other than reducing hair fall, this asana helps fight depression, insomnia, and the common cold. Also known as the downward dog pose, it improves blood circulation of the head. Thus, providing all these benefits along with reducing hair fall.

To perform this:

  • Stand in a straight dog position with all four limbs
  • Ensure your knees and elbows are straight.
  • Pull your stomach inward while pushing your hips out
  • Your body will make an inverted V shape. Make sure there is a distance between your hands
  • Now, elongate your neck to press the palms to your ground.
  • Try holding this asana for a few seconds and do it twice daily for better results.

2. Yoga for hair growth - Sirsasana

Also known as a head-stand, this yoga asana seems challenging. However, once you get a grip on it, it’s easy to perform. Performing this asana even once a week helps you improve blood circulation. That leads to a reduction in hair loss and hair thinning. Thus, it automatically helps your hair grow. It also stops premature greying of hair while at the same time, it promotes new hair growth.

To perform this:

  • First, kneel and interlock fingers tightly
  • Now, try to bend your head downwards towards the floor
  • Use the interlocked hands to support the head (crown part).
  • Next, gently lift your hands and try to stand in an upside-down manner. Make sure you are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Try to relax and hold this position for a few moments. Breathe in and out for maximum benefits.

3. Yoga for hair growth - Balayam yoga mudra

Rubbing your hands or balayam yoga mudra is an easy and incredible yoga pose for healthy hair. Performing this yoga pose stimulates nerve endings in the brain to revive any hair follicles which are damaged. It also revives dead hair cells. If you are suffering from dandruff, try balayam yoga mudra now, as it increases the scalp's blood flow.

To perform this:

  • Curl your fingers inwards, leaving the thumb out towards the palm of your hand.
  • Then, rub your nails together for 5-7 minutes.
  • To gain maximum benefits, do this every day and consume HSN daily to fulfill the nutrient requirement for hair growth.

4. Yoga for hair growth - Vajrasana

The only yoga asana that you can perform after all meals is the diamond pose or Vajrasana. It improves digestion and back health by keeping the spine straight. How does it help hair growth? By reducing constipation, which reduces the nutrient supply to hair cells which leads to breakage. A tremendous yoga poses for reducing hair issues and stress, you should do it daily after every meal.

To perform this:

  • Sit straight on the floor
  • Ensuring your spine is straight and heels together, place the hands on the ground by your side. Ensure that the palm is facing the ground.
  • Now, fold your legs, place them under your thighs.
  • Next, take your hands off the ground and place them on your thighs.
  • Lastly, relax and exhale and inhale.
  • Sit in this position for at least 10 minutes daily.

5. Yoga for hair growth - Matsyasana

Fish pose or matsyasana is the best yoga asana for hair growth due to its capacity of reducing maximum hair issues. It also helps relieve tension in the head or neck, or shoulder due to stress or posture.

To perform this:

  • Lie down on the yoga mat on your back. Ensure that your body is straight.
  • Now, try bending your knees inward while placing the hands next to the hips.
  • Try to rise by ensuring your core is engaged
  • Next, raise your neck entirely.
  • Hold the asana for 10-15 minutes or as long as you can stretch the back without injuring it.
  • Do it daily for maximum benefits.

Instead of trying tons of chemical products on your hair, perform yoga for hair growth daily. It not only reduces hair fall, but also makes it strong from the roots. Moreover, each yoga asana for hair growth provides multiple other benefits which helps you stay physically and mentally fit.

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