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Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired and Quick Ways to Fight Morning Fatigue

When waking up is so hard, day after day, and you cannot start your work without gulping two cups of strong coffee, it is time to find out why and address it.  

Morning fatigue is a common problem, especially for people over 30.  Fatigue is more than just “feeling tired.” It is a kind of weakness you feel in your entire body throughout the day. We live in a highly fast-paced life predominated by digital technology, and one of the main casualties of this lifestyle is sleep inertia.

Well, in simple words, sleep inertia is the feeling of grogginess, tiredness, loss of interest, and the constant state of ‘not ready to fully wake up, get dressed, and start working.’ The effects can last from 30 minutes to up to a few hours. People who sleep seven to eight hours a night can still feel unrested in the morning due to an increased state of sleep inertia.

What are the Reasons for Morning Fatigue?

Here are some of the possible underlying reasons for waking up tired and having low energy levels throughout the day:

  • Metabolic or thyroid conditions
  • Lack of sufficient nutrition and antioxidants
  • Lack of daily dose of vitamins
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Recent bout of infection
  • Anemia
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of physical activity or sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Inconsistent sleep schedules

Best Ways to Stop Morning Tiredness and Get Your Energy Back

1.     Start Exercising  

All you have to do is get your body moving. While the last thing you want to do when you are tired is exercise, medium-paced workouts like walking and light weight training can eventually improve your vigor and overall stamina.

As you build lean muscles, your heart and lungs will grow stronger, and you will generate happy hormones, uplifting your mood and balancing all irregularities.

You can start with medium-intensity exercises like taking your dog for a walk, washing the car, or mopping the floor. After a while, move on to strength training by incorporating weights or cross-fit exercises like squats, lunges, burpees, and planks.

Just do it for 21 days, and you will see a massive difference in health and stamina.  

2.     Look Out for Any Underlying Health Problems

Early morning tiredness and fatigue are common symptoms of many health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, low vitamin, thyroid, side effects of an infection like TB or COVID-19, PCOS, menopause, and even sleep apnea.

Also, many medications can contribute to low energy levels. You can consult a physician and get your complete blood count checked by a certified diagnostic lab before deciding.

3.     Take Multi-Vitamins Daily

Inadequate nutrients, poor eating habits, and crash dieting can lead to daytime fatigue. However, you will be surprised to learn about the numerous health benefits that multivitamin tablets can provide.

From improving your immune system and boosting energy to strengthening brain and heart functions to supporting your gut health, adding just one lab-tested multi-vitamin tablet from India’s top nutrition brand to your daily meal can have unparalleled effects.  

Multi-vitamin tablets with antioxidants and herbs can be one of the safest solutions for managing morning tiredness and fighting problems associated with lower nutrient levels, like insomnia, lethargy, poor muscles, disorientation, and low immunity.

You can buy multivitamin online without a doctor’s prescription, but make sure it is from an accredited health and nutrition brand, like neuherbs.

neuherbs True Vitamin - Multi-Vitamin tablet is India’s top-rated, science-validated product, formulated with 27 key ingredients, including multi herbs like Panax ginseng, anti-oxidants like bilberry extract, and multivitamins. It is dope-free and doesn’t contain Vitamin K, so athletes and people with blood thinners can also take benefit of this comprehensive formulation.

4.     Hydrate Yourself

At times, mild dehydration could cause fatigue, lethargy, irritation, and even muscle cramps.

Starting the day with a glass of water can help you rejuvenate your organs and muscles and tuck your laziness under covers.

Water can revitalize your mind by flushing out toxins from your gut and encouraging the growth of good bacteria. This also means you will be blessed with glowing and healthy skin.

5.     Shed a Few Pounds

If you are overweight, carrying those extra pounds can exhaust your muscles. This excess weight can also strain your knees, heart, and lungs.

Losing weight can regularize your hormones and sleep schedule, improve blood circulation and muscle-to-fat ratio, and increase your metabolism.

All of these will have a positive impact on your quality of life. Because as you lose fat and gain lean muscles, you secrete cortisol hormone, improving energy levels and stamina.

The best way to lose weight is by going into a calorie deficit, eating healthy, taking multivitamin supplements to compensate for nutritional deficiency, and working out at least thrice a week.

6.     Cut Down on Alcohol and Caffeine

Tea, coffee, or any caffeinated drink before bedtime can disrupt sleep and make you groggy and unrested the following day.

Similarly, while you may think that a glass of wine can help you fall asleep faster, you cannot go into a deep sleep after drinking alcohol.

So, it is recommended to cut down on alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine, including cola, painkillers, and energy drinks, to have more Vigor.

And finally, don’t forget to soak in the early morning sunshine. It indeed has many magical effects.

Do practice these methods to banish fatigue and low energy levels. You can also ask our experts for a personalized consultation for your health needs.