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Summer Recipes for Weight Loss

Best Summer Recipes for Weight Loss


One of the best ways to beat the heat and stay cool in the summer is through one’s diet. Your ideal summer diet for weight loss must not include fatty and greasy food and have more seasonal veggies, light meals and summer weight loss drinks to keep you cool. A perfect summer weight loss diet can keep you refreshed and energetic throughout the season.

You can spruce up your diet by including veggies such as cucumber, bottle gourd, melons, squash and fruits such as litchis, mangoes and pineapples. You must also stay hydrated throughout the summer months. You can include cooling drinks and healthy smoothies in your summer weight loss diet that can rehydrate and provide your body with the much-needed vitamins and minerals.

Pick seasonal veggies and fruits and toss up fresh salads, light curries and so on. You can try fresh fruit juices, interesting popsicles, sorbets and sugar free mango or jamun ice creams for desserts and drinks. Here we share with you the top summer recipes for weight loss that you can explore and make the most of the season.

Best 15 Summer Recipes for Weight Loss In 2022

Here are some refreshing summer recipes for weight loss that require minimum cooking. You can whip up satisfying, delicious meals as a part of your summer weight loss diet while staying cool. The ingredients in these recipes are summer-ready – greens, fruits, yogurts etc.

1. Coconut Water with malai

Coconut water with malai or coconut meat is the perfect refreshing drink for a scorching summer day. This has a nice texture, different from any other juice you may have tasted. Coconut water with the meat has a pulpy texture and tingles your taste buds with its sweet flavour when served chilled. Refrigerate the coconut water first and then blend it with the malai right before serving. Try out this ideal summer weight loss drink that helps hydrate, recharge and maintain the electrolytes balance.

2. Punjabi Lassi

Punjabi lassi is not only refreshing but also satiating during the summer months. You must refrigerate the curds as soon as it sets to obtain a thick, luscious flavor that is perfect for dahi ki lassi. All you need is a little sugar and fresh curds to make this simple yet satisfying summer drink. The thick, sweet Punjabi lassi can be a meal by itself. Use chilled curd for the lassi or refrigerate until serving. You can add water to smoothen the lassi, skip the sugar and season it with saffron or cardamom as a unique healthier twist.

3. Fruit/Vegetable Salad with mint dressing

This is a colorful, dynamic salad with all ingredients ideal for your weight loss diet. Chop up your favorite veggies such as lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes etc. To it, add the fruits of your choice – be it apples, papaya, musk melon, watermelon etc. Then for a punchy flavour, top it up with mint dressing. For best results, grind up the mint dressing with a mortar-pestle coarsely. For extra tanginess, squeeze some lemon, and lo-behold, another healthy summer meal is ready.

4. Kale and Apple Salad

Kale, a tastier version of cabbage, is a popular ingredient in salads worldwide. In India, you can get kale in supermarkets and specialty stores. The delicious Kale and Apple salad combine the unique flavour and texture of kale leaves with crunchy apple strips, melon seeds and shredded cabbage. A dressing of lemon and honey adds to the tanginess of the salad and offers a spectrum of flavors to your taste buds. A freshly tossed Kale and Apple salad is an ideal light meal option for the summer months.

5. Palak Raita

The palak raita is visually and gastronomically appealing as a summer treat. A bowl of palak raita with tomatoes and onions is simple, refreshing and offers a splash of healthy colors such as green and red. With no other masala flavor, the palak raita only needs onions, tomatoes and black salt for the flavor boost. Onions give it the extra crunch, while the tomatoes give it the tanginess. This raita is an awesome accompaniment to rotis and parathas when served chilled.

6. Curd Rice

Just like khichdi is for Gujarat and rajma chawal is for Punjab, curd rice is the staple food for south India. A very simple dish made using the basic ingredients, curd, rice and aromatic seasoning, is comfort food and an ideal candidate for summer meals, especially during travel. Curd rice is the mandatory finish to every traditional south Indian spread.

Cook and mash the rice thoroughly, add the curds, salt and mix well. Then temper it with mustard seeds, urad dal, green chilis and curry leaves for the added flavour. You can either serve the wholesome curd rice right away or chilled. Curd rice or dahi chawal can be accompanied by any pickle of your choice and is an ideal choice for a summer weight loss diet.

7. Nutella Mousse

This quick and easy eggless Nutella mousse is bound to be a hit, especially during the summer season. This low-calorie vegetarian Nutella mousse with only 2 simple ingredients, Nutella and low fat whipped cream, is the perfect dessert for weight loss. In just a few minutes, you can whip up the Nutella mousse in a serving glass for parties or dinner get-togethers. With its creamy texture and hugely popular Nutella flavor, this dish is bound to be devoured by children and adults alike.

8. Sol Kadi

Sol kadi is made from kokum and coconut milk. It helps relieve acidity, is a natural digestive, and helps cool down the stomach after spicy food. This summer drink originates from Maharashtra’s Konkan region and is a very popular health drink during the summer months.

9. Watermelon Soup

What an innovative way to make watermelon a part of your summer diet for weight loss! Consume the most popular fruit of summer-the watermelon- spicy watermelon soup! Deseed the watermelon, puree it along with mint leaves and simmer it with ginger, garlic, and chili flakes. This spicy watermelon soup is best served chilled. You can also add ice cubes and a spoon of olive oil to this soup to boost the flavor.

10. Stuffed Lauki

Lauki is a popular summer vegetable but not all people like it due to its bland taste. Stuffed lauki is an interesting variation of this vegetable. Blanch the bottle guard, marinate in lemon, chilli, garam masala, stuff with cottage cheese, and bake. This is a tasty, wholesome and healthy summer dish enjoyed by all.

11. Yellow Squash Spaghetti

Give a “desi summer” twist to the evergreen Italian dish, Spaghetti, by combining it with yellow squash and bottle gourd. Cook the spaghetti, thinly shred the yellow squash and bottle gourd, stir in some green chillies, herbs, basil leaves, and sprinkle with some cheese. It’s a simple, healthy variation of spaghetti that will satiate the palette of both kids and adults.

12. Mango Kulfi

Summer is never complete without some indulgence in mangoes, and everyone loves the evergreen Indian dessert, kulfi. So what could be a better summer recipe for weight loss than mango kulfi? To make this delicious summer treat, blend together 1 cup of chopped mangoes and condensed milk. You can include light cream and season with cardamom or saffron. Pour into moulds and freeze for more than 6 hours until the kulfi sets. Enjoy chilled mango kulfi to beat the heat.

13. Jamun Popsicles

You can get creative with the tarty summer fruit Jamun and turn it into pretty purple-hued popsicles to impress your guests. Easy, light on the waist, and a good way to cool down the body, these yummy popsicles are a great and light summer dessert. You can also sprinkle some chaat masala or black salt to get a desi twist.

14. Mango smoothie

The super creamy, lip-smacking mango smoothie recipe is one of the best smoothie recipes for weight loss India. This ultimate taste quencher is made with fresh mangoes and a handful of ingredients. Toss the mangoes, a banana, low-fat milk, and yoghurt into a blender, transfer it to a cup and sip away.

15. Blueberry cake with a healthy twist

This blueberry cake recipe is amazing - it's light, fluffy, with a hint of lemon and lightly sweet. This magic blueberry cake is perfect for a light summer dessert or midday brunch. This is a non-indulgent cake with a healthy spin. Instead of rich butter, it is made with olive oil, yoghurt, and applesauce. You can mix the above with egg and add it to the flour and brown sugar. You can spread a layer of fresh blueberries for a lovely topping. Enjoy this guilt-free dessert any day of summer.

Apart from the above best summer recipes for weight loss, include plenty of watermelons, cucumber, mint, green leafy vegetables, onions, lemonade, and celery in your summer diet for weight loss. You can also include quinoa seeds and chia seeds in your summer diet for weight loss and see quick results. Try your hand at any of the above innovative summer recipes for weight loss and create a sensational, healthy summer menu. Create a summer weight loss diet that is light on the stomach and perfect for a hot day.

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