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Green Coffee V/S Green Tea: Which is Better for Losing Weight?

Green Coffee V/S Green Tea: Which is Better for Losing Weight?

Anyone looking to shed a few pounds knows that there is no magic powder or a diet that can help them lose weight. To lose those extra kilos, you have to be consistent with your diet and exercise. Still, you can take a few things to support your weight loss by increasing your metabolism. Everyone who is trying to lose weight has heard about the benefits of drinking green tea. It is full of antioxidants that keep our body healthy and support weight loss. When it comes to warm drinks supporting weight loss, everyone always looks up to green tea. Brewing the water and adding it to a bag or using green leaves to make this drink is immensely helpful in losing weight.

However, recently, one more drink is gaining momentum for weight loss support, and that is green coffee. Green coffee beans are said to possess more antioxidants and properties that can aid us in accomplishing our weight loss goals. Green coffee is unroasted coffee beans with higher content of chlorogenic acid, which is imperative for us to lose weight or lower cholesterol levels.

The question that many people have in their mind is- whether to drink green tea or green coffee to lose extra kilos? Is green coffee for weight loss an effective strategy? To get answers to these questions, let’s compare the two of them below.

Your Guide to Green Coffee- 

Coffee is an incredible drink. This drink is best whether you drink it warm or cold. However, the regular coffee that we drink is not in its natural form. The brown colour of coffee beans comes after processing the natural coffee beans. The unprocessed coffee beans are green coffee which has better taste, aroma, colour and is high in nutrients too. Since it is raw, it is high in chlorogenic acid, which has more nutrients than regular coffee.

Green Coffee helps with weight loss

It promotes weight loss as it has chlorogenic acid, which helps burn fat and glucose. It even prevents blood sugar from spiking, which keeps fat in control. When you consume green coffee regularly, you increase your metabolic rate, which can help with fat loss.

Green Coffee may prevent cancer

High content of free radicals in our body can lead to multiple diseases, like cancer. Antioxidants can help reduce the damage that free radicals cause to your body. Green coffee is said to have a high number of antioxidants and nutrients. It can help prevent the growth of tumours in your body.

Green Coffee reduces inflammation

Green coffee for PCOS is a great thing because inflammation is one of the reasons for PCOS. Green coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that can help lower the inflammation helping you reverse PCOS. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of green coffee help lower cholesterol levels.

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Green Coffee boosts mood and brain functions

Since green coffee is rich in antioxidants, it can help with brain functions. Green coffee beans' benefits include enhancing cognitive performance & psychomotor helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Caffeine helps release dopamine which helps uplift attention, mood, alertness, and other brain functions.

How many cups of green coffee should you have?

It is best to limit your intake of green coffee to two cups a day. Also, if you are drinking green tea and green coffee beans simultaneously, it is best to have one cup a day for each.

Green tea-Everything about this weight-loss support drink

Green tea is a tea that uses Camellia Sinensis leaves and buds. It doesn’t undergo the same oxidation and withering process that oolong or black teas go through.

It improves bone health

Green tea can help improve your bone health by making your bones healthy and reducing your chances of osteoporosis.

It can help oral health

When you drink green tea regularly, it can help with bad odour and improve oral hygiene. It has catechins that help improve the health of your mouth.

It makes your heart healthy

Heart issues are the leading cause of death. Thus, you need to take care of your diet and nutrition to make your heart healthy. Taking green tea is another way to make your heart healthy. Also, it can reduce the chances of stroke.

It reduces inflammation

Similar to green coffee, green tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming it once a day can help reduce inflammation.

Types of green tea

Green tea comes in multiple varieties, these three famous ones:

  • Sencha: The commonest green tea is Sencha, and it is also the most drinkable green tea. The leaves are steamed and rolled to create crude tea.
  • Matcha: Tencha, which is stone ground instantly before shipping is known as Matcha. You fully consume the leaves when you drink matcha. In Japan, people use matcha in savoury dishes as well.
  • Hojicha: To make Hojicha, you roast sencha or other green teas. It has a distinctive aroma and is also less bitter than other types of green tea.

Shincha: It is the ‘new tea’ of the season. It has low contents of caffeine and catechins, making it perfect for someone who doesn’t like strong green tea.

Which is better? Green tea or green coffee?

Green coffee beans for weight loss or green tea? To answer this question, we will compare some points similar to both these drinks.

Caffeine content

It is the main point of comparison for both green tea and green coffee. The amount of caffeine in green coffee beans is 100 mg in a 250 ml cup of coffee. If you go green coffee capsule (supplements). The caffeine content is somewhere around 20-50 mg. Also, you can get green coffee that is decaf or has lower caffeine content. Just ensure that whichever you get, it is organic.

Green tea, on the other hand, has 35 mg of caffeine in the same cup. The caffeine content may differ based on the plant and the growing condition of the plant.

Verdict: If you need a higher boost of caffeine, green coffee is best. The caffeine will boost your mood, metabolism, and gain all the other green coffee beans benefits. However, for bedtime, always go with green tea or nothing with caffeine. Otherwise, your sleep patterns will suffer.

Their taste

Apart from their properties, green tea and green coffee vary in their taste too. Green tea is bitter and has a strong taste. Even though it is bitter, people drink it worldwide for better health. Green coffee has a milder and more herbal flavour. There is no bitter aftertaste, and you will actually like its taste.

Verdict: If you don’t like the bitter aftertaste of green tea, you should go for green coffee. It is milder than even black coffee. And its benefits are numerous.

Brewing methods

Your brewing methods should be perfect, so that you can enjoy several benefits of both green tea and green coffee. The brewing method for both of them is different. 

Green tea:  You can either get tea leaves, powder, or a bag. To brew it, boil water and add it to a cup with a bag, leaves or powder. (Do strain the leaves)

Green coffee: If you have green coffee beans, grind them and add them to your cup. Pour hot water on it and mix it well. Alternatively, you can also use instant green coffee or green coffee powder.

Our verdict: Both are easy to brew, be it green coffee or green tea, choose any if brewing method is your preferred choice.

Better for weight loss: Green Tea V/S Green Coffee

If you look at the caffeine content, green coffee powder has a high content of the same. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of both these drinks make them ideal drinks for weight loss. Yet, research shows that green coffee beans/powder/instant coffee is better at aiding weight loss. Why? Due to the presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee, which speeds up your weight loss goals without worrying about following fad diets. (Though, you do need to work out along with a balanced meal). 

Our verdict: If you want to speed up your weight loss journey, start drinking green coffee in the morning. Green coffee beans' benefits are more than just weight loss.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot consume green tea. You can take green tea during the day or at night. Or even switch it up because it too helps the weight loss journey.

Wrapping up, start your day with a hot cup of coffee brewed using instant green coffee or green beans. You don’t need to add any milk to this drink, and it works perfectly to increase your metabolic rate. Thus, drinking it before working out gives you the energy to complete your workout better. Green coffee for PCOS or cholesterol control is also perfect as it helps you get rid of inflammation and toxins, which leads to these diseases. Along with consuming green coffee beans, lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper rest, diet, and sleep routine are essential for a healthy life and to keep the weight off forever.