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diet tips for weight loss

11 Diet Tips for Weight Loss You Must Know


Everyone knows that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Still, people focus more on their gym schedules and working out for hours on end, and focusing less and less on their diet. If they follow any diet tips for weight loss, it either doesn’t work for them or gives them only short-term goals.

The reason? People will follow any diet tips for weight loss that they come across. Just because a particular diet works for someone else doesn’t mean it can work for you. General diet tips for weight loss like drinking green coffee before working out or eating more protein are good. However, if you follow a crash diet like drinking only shakes because it helped someone lose a few pounds, then it is not correct.

Thus, do your research, talk to a dietitian, and follow diet tips for weight loss that is sustainable for you in the long term. Following any crash diet that helps you lose 4-5 kg per month is tempting. However, it does not work for long, and your mental and physical health may suffer due to a restrictive diet.

Here are realistic diet tips for weight loss that experts recommend.

Start your day with water

Drinking water first thing in the morning is the best weight loss tips. It helps hydrate your body, which is thirsty from a long time. Also, it helps start your system and detox it. It is a myth that you need to add several things to your morning cup of water to help detoxify your body. All you need is some lukewarm water, and you are good.

Drink sugar-free green coffee

We understand the need to drink green coffee first thing in the morning. It keeps us going, makes us productive, and even helps us perform better at the gym. However, if you add tons of sugar or cream to your green coffee, it defeats the purpose of drinking caffeine.  The antioxidants will help your body better if you drink it without any added sugar.

It is better to drink it plain or with some milk if you prefer. On a similar note, ditch all drinks loaded with sugar like soda.

Do not give up on healthy

When we are trying to lose weight, one of the diet tips for weight loss we follow is to cut down all fats. While cutting down on unhealthy fats like saturated or trans-fat is impeccable for your health. You do not have to cut down on healthy fats, the ones you find in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, or ghee. They help you feel fuller, so you do not end up binge-eating.

Skipping breakfast is not ideal

Skipping breakfast means missing out on tons of nutrients that your body needs. If you eat dinner at 6 pm, and you do not eat anything till 11 am, the next day, your body goes into stress mode. Also, it means that you will crave sugar/fat, and you will overeat at your next meal.

Do not skip reading food labels

Another great diet tip for weight loss is to read food labels. If you learn to read food labels, then you know what you are putting into your body. Also, you can figure out a way to add that food into your diet without increasing your daily food intake. Moreover, when you read food labels, you understand which food has hidden sugars or trans-fat, bad for your health.

Eat at the dining table

We often eat while watching TV or scrolling through social media. Some people also eat on their bed, which is never a great idea. These can distract you from what you are eating, making you consume more calories than what your body needs. Moreover, when you are distracted, you tend to eat faster and chew less, impacting your digestive system.

Eat at the dining table, it also gives you a chance to eat around people who love you and have a memorable meal.

Cook your meals from scratch

There is nothing wrong with eating out, and if you are conscious about what you are eating, it can be healthy too. However, if you are trying to lose weight, make sure you cook most of your meals at home. When you cook from scratch, you control the ingredient, and you can even make a normal dish delicious and healthy. You learn so much when you start cooking your meals, that you will not feel like ordering in food.

Stop drinking in your calories

We tend to watch what we are eating to control our calories. However, you also need to check what you are drinking because drinks like sweetened coffees, flavoured water, or juices can be high in calories. They can also have a high amount of added sugar. So be mindful of what you are drinking and what you are eating.

Stop banning food from your diet

We see people banning a particular food or food group from their diet to lose weight. It is one of the worst diet tips for weight loss ever. Why? Simply because it makes you crave them more, and then sometimes you end-up binge-eating. Try to add your favorite foods to your diet smartly for overconsuming them later.

Say no to refined carbs

Refined carbs are not good for your weight loss journey or health as they have no nutrients. Cut back on them and switch them up with complex carbs like quinoa or oats or barley or whole grains.

Don’t skimp on vegetables

People eat meats and dairy for protein to lose weight, leaving out vegetables. However, that is not an ideal thing to do, as vegetables provide you with tons of nutrients.

Wrapping up, losing weight is never as easy as gaining weight. Thus, follow diet tips for weight loss that works for you. Also, never restrict any food group unless you are allergic. Work with a nutritionist to ensure your weight loss journey is healthy mentally and physically.

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