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Weight loss Exercise

Want to Loose Weight at Home? Try These 5 Easy Exercises at Home Now!


When it comes to losing weight, you get advice from multiple people, and all of these vary from person to person. But one thing that everyone agrees on is that exercise and diet are essential for weight loss. To lose weight and maintain the correct weight for yourself, you have to focus 20% on exercise and 80% on your diet. The diet should contain a balanced meal and to lose weight, maintaining a calorie deficit is essential.

Thus, working on your diet is essential. But what about choosing the best exercises for weight loss? There is a lot of confusion while choosing the correct exercise to lose weight. It is especially challenging when trying to shed the extra weight at home.

The good thing is that there are multiple easy exercises for weight loss that do not require you to join any gym or heavy pieces of equipment. These weight-loss workouts require a willing person and ample space. These are the only two requirements, and if you are intrigued by this, here are the best and easy exercises for weight loss at home that everyone should try. Also, know about the best fat-burning foods you should include in your diet.

Try These 5 Easy Exercises at Home Now

Exercise 1: Skipping

One of the best exercises for weight loss at home for you is to try skipping. Jumping rope involves your entire body. Thus, it is perfect to increase strength and metabolism while helping you burn calories. Depending upon your body type, you will get distinctive results. However, most people can burn around 1300 calories per hour.

Also, skipping pumps blood to your entire body as it makes your heart beat faster. It can also calm you down and help ease anxiety and depression in some people.
Also, sip a cup of green coffee before you start with your workout at home. It will increase your metabolism and pump you with energy to do your best.
To do this, you need a jumping rope

  • Stand on your yoga mat and keep your back straight, feet close, and hands to your side.
  • While jumping off the ground, let the rope pass underneath your feet and come back up.
  • Repeat the steps while also increasing your speed.

Exercise 2: Plank

Plank is one of the best exercises for weight loss. It is an effective workout that focuses on your entire body. Not only does it help you in losing weight and burning calories. But it also targets your body posture and most lungs, keeping them safe. It strengthens most of your muscles. The trick is to keep holding the plank pose for a long time.

If you can keep holding it for long, it can provide you with better benefits. There are many variations, but the most standard one is apt for beginners. After working out, you need proper nutrition, which is high in protein and carbs. Chia seeds pudding is a great breakfast option. Light and full of nutrition.

Exercise 3: Forward lunge and have green coffee

One exercise for weight loss that should be part of your weight-loss regime is the forward lunge. It is easy to perform at home, and you do not need any equipment, making it an apt workout for beginners. It not only tones your body but helps you strengthen your core as forward lunges also increase your muscle mass. It also helps your posture and body balance. To do this:
  • Stand tall and keep your feet one inch apart
  • Keep your hands on your side. (You can also hold weight if you want to do it with equipment)
  • Take your right leg forward. Make sure your back is straight.
  • Now, lower your body till your back, and front leg makes a 90-degree angle.
  • Repeat with the left leg and do a repeat set of 2 and increase gradually.
  • Again, sip on green tea 30 minutes before a workout for energy.

Exercise 4: Push-ups or pull-ups

A popular workout that is one of the apt exercises for weight loss at home you can do. It pushes you away from the ground, making you exert energy in extreme, helping you burn calories. It works on larger muscles of the body while ensuring that your body is physically fit. It also helps you strengthen your core and build lean muscles. To do this:
  • On your mat, place your hands facing forward. There should be a slight gap between the hands but not wider than your shoulder.
  • Your feet should be together or a bit apart as per your comfort level.
  • Bend the shoulders towards the ground as low as you can push up back upwards, straightening your arms.
  • Start with 2 repetitions of this and increase gradually.

Having something before workouts is highly important for proper energy. Don't feel like having coffee or breakfast? Then, it is best to have a protein-rich laddu using flak seeds. For this, you can make a protein laddu using flax seeds, coconut flakes, jaggery or dates, and watermelon seeds along with some nuts. Eating one of these laddus every day will help you lose fat and not muscles.

Exercise 5: Mountain climbers

One of the most fun exercises for weight loss is mountain climbers. It is fun, but it will help you burn more fat. Also, it will pain a lot initially, but after a while, you will enjoy this workout. To do this:

  • Go in the plank position, and raise your right leg towards your knees/
  • Do not raise your hips or allow the foot to hit the ground. Repeat with the left foot and continue till a minute and increase gradually.
After you work out, eat a protein-rich salad with a bit of organic apple cider vinegar spread on it. It will help cut the insulin that carbs have, making the salad even healthier for you.

Wrapping up, performing these exercises for weight loss at home will give you control over your life. To enjoy your life fully, being healthy is essential and working out along with eating a healthy balanced diet is the key. Try these easy exercises for weight loss at home and have a proper meal to fuel your body with the right nutrition.

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