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7 Mistakes During Weight Loss You Should Avoid

7 Mistakes During Weight Loss You Should Avoid


Everyone wants to lose weight, and they eat clean while also working out five times a day. Yet, they do not see the numbers dipping on the scale.

Why is this happening? What is the reason behind this? The reasons are unintentional mistakes during weight loss that we make like not reading the labels or overexercising and eating less.

Even though we think we are making healthy choices, sometimes we are not! And these small mistakes can put a dent in our weight loss journey.

But do not get disheartened! As with lifestyle changes, you can ensure that you are healthy and lose weight permanently.

In this blog, we will explore the multiple mistakes during weight loss that many people make. 

7 Mistakes can hinder their weight loss journey.

1. Drinking coffee or juice with tons of sugar- Switch to green coffee

Do you love your morning green coffee or latte? Yes! good! Coffee is great to boost your metabolism, helping you shed extra pounds. Also, it makes you energetic, and you exercise better.

However, if your go-to coffee is from Starbucks or one with sugar and cream, it will not help you lose weight. These drinks have around 40grams of sugar. Also, if you consume beer, wine, soda, or fruit juices, it simply adds more sugar and calorie to your diet. This only increases your cravings.

The best thing is to drink water first thing in the morning. If you want to drink other beverages, switch to green coffee & green tea. Also, drink black coffee or latte with low-fat milk and no sugar.

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2. Focusing on scale-Switch to measuring inches with a tape

If you weigh yourself every day thrice a time, it is an obsession that you need to get over. Sometimes the scale does not tip, making you doubt why your healthy lifestyle is not helping you lose weight. The important thing to remember here is that there are several reasons why your scale is not tipping, like:

  • You are gaining muscles and losing fat. In this case, the scale may not tip, but your clothes will tell you if you are losing weight.
  • You are stressed
  • There is water retention in the body due to hormonal changes leading to no changes in weight
  • Also, the food and liquid you consume every day can make the measurement different.
  • Avoid this mistake during weight loss. Instead, use a measuring tape to check your waist size and other inches. It will give you a clear understanding of your weight loss.

3. Skipping meals- switch to an eating schedule

Several people skip meals to eat fewer calories a day, thinking it will help them lose weight. However, that only leads to them binge-eating at the next meal, leading to guilt and weight gain. Also, when you skip meals, it can lead to an increase in blood sugar, less metabolism, and more.

Instead, make an eating schedule and follow that every day. Make sure you eat at the same time every day without skipping meals. Note: If you follow intermittent fasting, do it under the guidance of a licensed practitioner.

4. Eating low-fat or diet food- Switch to healthy fats

One of the biggest mistakes during weight loss that people make is to eat diet food or low-fat food. They believe that diet food or food with labels like low-fat is healthy can unintentionally hinder your weight loss journey. It is because these diet foods have hidden sugar which can lead to weight gain.

Also, low-fat food doesn’t mean that it has the good fat which your body needs. If the low-fat food has saturated or trans-fat, it is in no way healthy for your body. Thus, check labels and look for hidden sugar like sucrose and healthy fat like monu or polyunsaturated fat.

Switching to natural healthy fats can help you maintain weight. Try adding avocado to your diet or drink green coffee with a bit of ghee or coconut oil in it to start your day with healthy fats.

5. Exercising too little or too much- switch to routine with strength training and cardio

If you restrict calories and do not exercise, you will not lose fat but will lose muscle mass.  It leads to a decrease in metabolic rate, which keeps you from losing weight. Similarly, if you over-exercise, your body may go under stress, and your hormones may suffer, leading to other health issues.

To avoid this mistake during weight loss, exercise for 30 to 60 minutes at least four times a week. Also, include a variety of exercises like strength training, cardio, yoga, and walking to see the best results.

6. Not sleeping well- switch to a consistent sleep routine

If you think sleep has nothing to do with weight gain, you are wrong. When you don’t sleep well or sleep for fewer hours, it can decrease the level of leptin hormone while increasing the level of ghrelin hormone.

It means that the hormone which tells your body that it's full is not working well, while the hunger hormone is overflowing. Thus, you eat more and also crave sugar and unhealthy fat. All this leads to an increase in your weight.

Thus, sleeping well is essential. Aim for 7-8 hours per night and also maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

7. Not eating enough protein or fiber- switch to a meal with a balanced portion of both

If you eat a meal high in carbs but low in protein and fiber, you will not lose weight. Protein and fiber help you lose weight by reducing your cravings, making you feel full, and helping build overall health and muscles.

So, avoid this mistake during weight loss by adding fiber and protein to every meal. The everyday requirement may differ for everyone, so eat accordingly.

Wrapping up losing weight is imperative for a healthy life. However, if you go about this wrongly, you will hurt your health more. So, remember these tips and avoid these mistakes during weight loss. Furthermore, take help from a nutritionist and trainer if necessary.

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