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Are You Obese or Overweight? 6 Illnesses You Are Inviting & How to Overcome Them!

Are You Obese or Overweight? 6 Illnesses You Are Inviting & How to Overcome Them!

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Every other person you meet is struggling with extra weight. Isn't it? Having a few extra pounds is okay, sometimes all you need is to work out a bit more to lose those extra pounds.

But if you are obese or overweight, you have an unhealthy amount of fat or an uneven distribution of the same. The risks of being overweight are severe health problems.

It can lead to inflammation in your body, hormones imbalance, and strain on organs & muscles to work extra hard. All this leads to severe health issues.

In this blog, we will talk about the risks of being overweight and few simple ways you can manage it.

Obesity leads to type-2 diabetes 

The risk of being overweight is type-2 diabetes. Stress and obesity cause increased blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes. It is a chronic disease that you can keep at bay with proper diet, moderate exercise, and managing stress. 

Once you have type-2 diabetes, your chances of contracting other diseases increases. This include:

  • Nerve problems
  • kidney disease
  • Heart problems, and more.

Obesity leads to high blood pressure

Another risk of being overweight is high blood pressure. The normal blood pressure is 120/80 (it may vary as per age and situation). If you are constantly getting higher blood pressure during checkups, you have hypertension. In this condition, blood flows through the vessel at a higher than normal pressure causing strain to your heart. It also leads to kidney problems and other health diseases. 

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Obesity leads to depression (Instant green coffee can help!)

If you think that the risks of being overweight are limited to just physical ailments, you are wrong. Obesity has high links to major depressive episodes. People judge others who are overweight, and it can lead to guilt and more. Some people who are obese, are sad because of their weight and go into depression. It makes it challenging for them to lose weight as depression makes you not care about your body. You should take therapy, do moderate exercise and drink green coffee. All of this can help with beating depression and obesity. 

Why green coffee?

Well, it has caffeine and antioxidants. So, it helps boost metabolism, which is necessary for losing weight. Also, caffeine is known to relieve symptoms of mild depression. Thus, starting your day with green coffee and a healthy breakfast can help with both.

Obesity leads to heart problems

Another risk of obesity is heart disease. Anyone can get heart issues. Yet, when your weight is higher than normal, your risk of getting heart disease increases. Also, obesity leads to high blood pressure, an increase in LDL and blood sugar, and triglycerides levels. All this increases your chances of blocked arteries. It leads to severe heart problems and a risk of cardiac attack. Losing weight can make you less susceptible to heart problems.

Obesity can increase your risk of cancer

Cancer is a term everyone is afraid of, and rightly so. Even in remission, cancer can come back, and the treatment is harsh. There is no one cause for cancer, as experts are still trying to understand what causes it and more. However, obesity is one factor that can increase your risk of cancer. When you are overweight, your immune system and other organs are at risk. Thus, it increases your chances of getting some cancers like kidney or prostate cancer, cervix and uterus cancer, and more.

Obesity leads to complications in pregnancy

If you are pregnant and overweight, you are at risk of developing multiple problems. It can lead to high blood pressure, heart issues, insulin increase, and more. It also leads to complications in pregnancy, like:

  • Birth defects
  • Miscarriage
  • Premature birth
  • Heavy bleeding after birth
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Still-birth and more.

Women usually gain weight in pregnancy. It is okay to gain some weight. However, if you gain excess weight or are obese, you need to work out a plan to keep your weight in check. That is essential for a healthy you and baby.

What causes obesity?

  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle and not moving enough.
  • Eating a lot of junk and sugar and ditching vegetables and fruits.
  • Hereditary. Sometimes, obesity runs in family. However, with simple steps, you can avoid being overweight.
  • Certain medications can also lead to obesity
  • Also, certain treatments like chemotherapy can lead to weight gain in some people.
  • Hormonal issues are another reason for weight gain.

How to manage obesity?

Eat a balanced diet

When it comes to beating obesity, your diet is of utmost importance. If you are not eating right, you will gain weight, and also your body will not absorb any nutrients you need. Here are a few tips to eat a balanced diet:

  • Eat tons of vegetables and fruits
  • Eat fatty fish, meat, and poultry
  • Ditch added sugar in your morning green coffee or tea
  • Avoid high-fat milk
  • Avoid drinking too many fruit juices. Cut back on sodas, even the diet ones.
  • Practice portion control
  • Fill up on lean protein
  • Cut back on alcohol and quit smoking

Workout and get moving

Along with a proper diet, you also need to get your body moving. Without physical exercise, you cannot achieve proper weight loss. Starting with a 30-minute walk is a great start. You can also include:

  • HIIT
  • Cardio and strength training
  • Yoga and pilates
  • Jogging, swimming, dancing, and Zumba.


Mediation should also be part of your weight loss journey as it keeps your mind healthy, which is imperative for overall health.


There are some natural items that you can add to your diet to burn fat better by increasing your metabolism. They are:

Green coffee: Unprocessed coffee beans have more chlorogenic which helps your metabolism. Thus, helping with fat loss.

Apple cider vinegar: It has multiple properties that can help you burn fat faster. 

Wrapping up being overweight causes you to lose confidence. It also invites so many problems, as we read above. The risks of being overweight expand to your mental health as well. Thus, it is impertinent that you start working out, eat a balanced diet, and take care of your mental health. Together all these will help you stay fit, healthy, and happy. It may sound overwhelming, but start taking small steps, and you will be fine.

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